The Beautiful Distance?

When I was younger I used to sit and stare off into the distance, thinking about what was, would would be, and a whole bunch about what could be. As Cornerstone continues on a journey into more and more effective distance education I find myself staring off again. The difference is that this time I am getting paid for it, and the distance looks a little bit different.

The purpose of this blog is for you to follow and learn from my mistakes and triumphs. It is for you to see some of the struggles that I will be going through as I set out developing modules for Cornerstone Institutes distance BA. You will see some of the questions that I am wrestling with, and maybe those will be reflected in some of your questions. You will see the thought processes that I am using and the experiments in instructional design.

Join me as we dream and implement. Join me, and follow me, as we set off staring and moving into the beautiful distance.

The Distance


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