Content Delivery or Learning Experiences

Great content delivery is an adequate form of education, but is there more? Do you have experiences of sports coaching or studying where a teacher just gave you raw information and then left you to your own devices? Do you have experiences of teachers leading you through a process of reflecting on information and applying it to your own situation?

I believe that great content should always be one part of our educational environment. It is a very important part, but just one part. How we structure and package our delivery will make the difference between whether we have great content, or great experiences of learning.

Here is a silly little example. Pretend that the picture is a video lecture, presentation or reading that you think has very good information.

Great content

Option 1: Great content

What if we were to use this example as part of an intentionally created learning experience? We could make an attempt to draw a student in, through their own past experiences, and then use these a tool to help them to understand. We could provide space for the student to reflect appropriately on the content, and to apply it to their own lives. We could also provide a space for students to share in the experience of the entire class by posting responses to, and reflections on, the great content.

Option 2: Great content as part of a learning experience

Option 2: Great content as part of a learning experience

Trying to set up a deeper educational experience will take some extra time and thought, but this gives a space for students to think more deeply about what they are learning.


Advantages of this type of learning experiences:

  1. Students get to apply information immediately.
  2. Students are able to learn from other students in the class by seeing their comments.
  3. Seeing how they apply it to their own lives also gives you immediate feedback on whether or not they are actually learning from the materials.
  4. Lecturers and tutors are able to model engagement with the content through their own comments.


  • Can you think of anything where you have learnt through immediate reflection and engagement? How were those learning experiences?
  • Do you see any problems with this style of learning experience?

Feel free to use the comment section that should appear below.


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