Online really can be better

When a skilled online facilitator teaches a well-written online course, the opportunities for learning are incredible, even better than traditional learning, also known as a face-to-face (f2f) class. This is the radical truth proposed here: that online education can be better than traditional classes.

This is the sentiment of Lehmann and Chaimberlin in their 2009 book Making the Move to e-learning. They believe that a well run e-learning course is able to engage students more, remain more current, more convenient, more flexible, etc. 

It seems that e-learning, or distance education, is able to result in learning that is deeper. Not because the student necessarily sat in a class listening to the lecture, but because they were given space to ponder, think, and then engage, as well as sitting and listening to a lecture as many times as they want.

It seems that e-learning, distance education, really can be better for students than traditional in class education. 

For a better description find this book somewhere (like EBSCO) and give it a read.



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