The Best Resource: student generated content

If student generated content is the best learning resource then how can I support students in generating really good content.

My experience has been that the best learning moments in class have been when students have been in control of the learning environment. It has been when students have played with what they have learnt in class (or even better, outside of class) and have discovered learning, and shared that learning.

I consider the possibility children can teach themselves, when adults get out of the way, and that students are the only ones who can really integrate the content of the course into their real lives. I then think back to  things I have read (although for academic integrity’s sake I can’t find the resources now) that remind me of how the people who taught me best were not the experts, but were the people who had just learnt what I am struggling with. It is fellow students who have just grasped the concept who are best equipped to teach it to others.

For me as an educator the challenge is then to set up a learning environment in which students can 1) begin to grasp the ideas and concepts that they need to work with, 2) share that understanding with others, and 3) discover ways in which what they are learning actually makes sense in their day to day lives.

If the best learning materials are student generated, then how do we as educators support students in generating awesome learning materials?

We need to make space for students to engage with the subject matter. We need to make space for the subject matter to engage with real life. We need to get out of the way and let students who are beginning to understand the subject teach the students who are not.

Perhaps it is all about providing the right resources, providing the right space, and being present and willing to play with students as they struggle, engage and teach.

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