The story so far

I have been working on and off on a Counselling and Life Skills module for the past year, struggling through various issues and non-issues. I was working for a while with somebody else, and am now working on my own. I developed for e-learning contact, and now for distance as well as contact. I drank coffee to help me work, and now I am drinking coffee that doesn’t seem to help me work.

Deadlines have been set and removed, but now, it seems that the final deadline will eventually come. Methodology and technology has changed, and is now (hopefully) in its final form. Now I have to begin to formulate the final version of this module, for what is hopefully going to be (more or less) the final mode of delivery.

I must re-think units and outcomes, re-look at the assessments that I will be using and re-look at the course material. This is where I should begin to see the module come together into a final  form.

Join me in the wrestling as I put this module together, as I continue staring in to the beautiful distance.